When you have chosen to separate then living arrangements conversations can be tough. Contact Countrywide Family mediation Slough to help you work out a resolution with your ex-partner.

Home and Living Arrangements Slough

When the seemingly perfect marriage goes awry, your life may seem to going nowhere quickly. It’s difficult not to think of platitudes when you consider how marriages should go and the way they actually go, but you know how you see your life and you know how see your relationship with your partner. The way that life should have played out has not happened and something has gone badly wrong.

Although the idea of a divorce, where you have your own space and your partner has their own space seems an improvement there are still quite a number of problems that need to be resolved. Children may have to live in the same house as a new partner or friend (that is, girlfriend or boyfriend) and have to deal with having a new set of siblings to deal with, maybe of a different age range.

There may be added problems here too. There may be the need to change schools, for children to lose touch with some of their friends and so on. Not to mention the fact that children seem to take sides in this sort of thing. Brothers and sisters disagreeing and then perhaps fighting is obviously the last thing that you need.

Can you even afford a new house or a new flat?

Maybe you will now have to rent?

Maybe you might have to temporary move back home with your parents for a while. This in turn increases the amount of tension. Things can flare up very quickly.

Bringing in your parents or your ex-partner’s parents will certainly complicate matters. They probably want what is best for their grandchildren, but their sympathies to you or your partner might muddy the water and increase the tensions.

Carrying on with work at this point might be hard, particularly as it may be hard to get your partner to get the children from school or even see the children after you have finished work. It will all seem very complicated to them and it may look like their world is falling apart. Some workplaces are places of calm, but most are high pressured.

Can you talk to your ex-partner?

Sometimes you might be able to, other times your discussions about generally unimportant things might cause larger and bigger arguments blowing up in your face. Things might change, but at the moment things seem to be too raw. Taking time out to cool down might be recommended, but can you find such a place?

It is times like this when you are unsure of your alternatives and you feel that you can not talk to family or friends that you need some neutral third party, to talk with in confidence about your issues. We are here to help.